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Posted at 8/15/2017 02:58:08     
Hello, I recently started to use Firefly Fireduino for basic automation jobs. For now everything seems OK, however I have three questions which are bugging me and wonder if those are in fact problems.

- After I switched to upgrade mode using the combination of upgrade and reset buttons as explained in wiki pages, every time I want to upload a sketch via Arduino IDE 1.8.2, the programmer enters firmware upgrade mode, reset the device and then upload the sketch I wrote. Is that firmware upgrade mode really forever, or do I need to do something to stop the firmware upgrade mode?

- After I connect the device to my computer (Windows 7 Enterprise SP1) via USB I always receive a warning that this USB could be faster. Does that mean that I had done something wrong, or this is how it supposed to work?

- Arduino IDE 1.8.2 sees the Fireduino on port COM6, and uploads the sketch as I mentioned above. But from time to time  it stops seeing the board on that port and could not upload any sketches, actually COM6 in that case will is not listed among available ports. I need to select other ports, or reset, or disconnect and reconnect to list the device on that port and upload new sketches. Is that normal, or is there a way to solve this issue.  Meanwhile, this problem is not only for Fireduino, Arduino boards do this as well, although less frequently, and only after I start to use Fireduino (I do not mean this was the trigger, something else I did recently may have caused it, but this seems to me the most likely cause)


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