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LVDS Issues







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I have been trying to make LVDS work on AIO-3399J, but am having some issues. I tried two different displays, but they both look basically the same. I have spent many hours tweaking the code, but I can only get one result. See the attached photos. ... ySQuTr3bapcqz07em2N

I made sure to correctly set the color formats in the device tree file and I have correctly set the INIT code for the MIPI DSI to LVDS bridge.

Both displays have been tested and are good, the cable has also been tested and verified to be good.

The coloration is very strange. I opened a photo which displays color bars, and it looks ok when looking at the display straight on. When looking at an angle, you can see a bunch of weird spots. But, if you look at the app icons, the coloration is very grainy and messed up.

Any ideas?

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