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[Linux] Project idea based on EC-A3399ProC AI computer







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Posted at 9/23/2020 18:43:05     
Hi all,

I’m new to EC-A3399Pro but seems as a good fit for a project I’m involved. At the same time, I have found other  Amlogic A311D alternative that also makes sense.

The project is about to open a RTSP/RMTP stream, do some object detection / tracking stuff, crop the original video and reencode it in RTMP. The fact I need to make video decoding / encoding plus some AI on top of it makes EC-A3399Pro as a great candidate. If not for the video assisted stuff, it might make more sense to do this on x86 device with a Coral card or similar.

In order to make a decision I would like to clarify some points:

1) Is the video decoding / encoding assisted by hardware in Linux? This is critical, as it is the main reason to opt for an ARM based system instead of a x86 + Coral. What applications do support it, maybe FFMPEG?

2) I have seen in some forums Wifi is not supported in Linux. Ths is not critical for the project, just an inconvenience. Please confirm.

In order to use the NPU please confirm it works under Linux.

As for the project itself, if anybody is interested in participating or any company with experience in this field, please contact me

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