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Problems with Firefly-R3399 firmware upgrade via Linux Upgrade Tool







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Posted at 10/15/2020 15:34:38     

I'm trying to upgrade on my Debian 10 based PC the firmware to the latest Ubuntu image (ROC-RK3399-PC-UBUNTU18.04-GPT-20200516-1644.img) via Linux tool (I've failed to do that under Windows 10 with the help of AndroidTool).

I follow the instructions to upgrade via Linux tool from here ... grade_firmware.html

* I've put the board to maskrom state
* I've attached via supplied USB Type-C cable the FireFly board to my Debian 10 based PC
* Downloaded from firmware image ROC-RK3399-PC-UBUNTU18.04-GPT-20200516-1644.img

Two versions - v1.24 and v1.34 of Linux_Upgrade_Tool are available under

I use the latest version:

:~/work/firefly/tools/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/Linux_Upgrade_Tool$ sudo ./upgrade_tool
List of rockusb connected
DevNo=1    Vid=0x2207,Pid=0x330c,LocationID=108    Maskrom
Found 1 rockusb,Select input DevNo,Rescan press <R>,Quit press <Q>
Instructions state:

>Upgrade unified firmware - update.img:
>sudo upgrade_tool uf update.img
>If the upgrade fails, try erasing before upgrading. Be sure to erase  >and upgrade against the table ( in upgrade  >instructions.

> erase flash : Using the ef parameter requires the loader file or the  > >corresponding update.img to be specified.
>update.img :The ubuntu firmware you need to upgrade. sudo upgrade_tool  >ef update.img
> upgrade again sudo upgrade_tool uf update.img

I followed the instructions above

~/work/firefly/tools/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/Linux_Upgrade_Tool_v1.34$ sudo ./upgrade_tool ef ../../ROC-RK3399-PC-UBUNTU18.04-GPT-20200516-1644.img
Loading loader...
Erase flash ok.

but upgrade flash programming  doesn't work

sudo ./upgrade_tool uf ../../ROC-RK3399-PC-UBUNTU18.04-GPT-20200516-1644.img
Loading firmware...
Support Type:RK330C     FW Ver:8.1.40   FW Time:2020-05-16 16:45:15
Loader ver:1.19 Loader Time:2020-05-16 16:40:31
Download Boot Start

<I interrupt it after 20 min>

strace reports:
ioctl(13, USBDEVFS_SUBMITURB, 0x9be42f0) = 0
read(9, "\1", 1)                        = 1
poll([{fd=9, events=POLLIN}, {fd=13, events=POLLOUT}], 2, 60000

Any suggestions?


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