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[Hardware] Connecting cameras from Raspberry to RK3388S







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Posted at 5/7/2023 19:58:02     
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good afternoon. I have have several  RK3388S boards for AI and computer vision tasks. I'm use Ubuntu 20.04. However, the choice of cameras compatible with this board is small. I have a large number of IMX477 cameras that I connect to Raspberry PI 4 (works slowly in 4K mode) and to Jetson
Nano (works very fast), in addition, I connect robotic objective  to these boards, whose motors are controlled via GPIO and libraries adapted by me in C++. I see on this board one CSI-2 connector with 30 pins with 4 sci  lines, in addition, 1.8 volt logic is used there. In the IMX477 camera
a 15-pin connector with two sci lines and 3.3 volt logic is used. Is there a way to connect the IMX477 camera to the RK3388S? By creating an adapter with a logic level converter and a 15-pin connectors for 2 cameras? with the adaptation of the driver for IMX477 for this board... is there a ready-made similar solution?
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