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Firefly release the first dual-core Arduino open source hardware








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Posted at 6/22/2016 15:21:08     

Creation is the best gift from god. Human starts to create tools forhunting since very long time ago. Now, along with disseminating of 3D printerand open source hardware, we are entering a maker era. As long as anybody has great ideas can create really cool technical projects.

Firefly team release an entry-level dual core open source platform Fireduino in order to provide a platform for every ordinary people to create. Createon traditional intelligent hardware platforms require complex program language, it makes the creation become complicate. Fireduino simplifies the process, it supports Arduino IDE and Scratch graphic program software FireBlock, it makes the creation become really simple.


FireBlock is a platform irrelevant graphic program platform, which makes program just like playing Lego. No necessary to learn the basic language, Firefly add a lot of hardware control plugs which simplify the Fireduino control. With the 2.4 GHz WIFI module, Fireduino totally free away from usb cable. Now, you can build your ideas, make a lot of interesting things.


Fireduino supports Arduino program, Arduino IDE is a popular program tool which makers usually use. The language is condense and efficient, only several sentences can fulfil a usual control. Meanwhile, Fireduino can support all accessories which derive from Arduino.


Except easy to use, the performance of  Fireduino is far away from Arduino.


ARM dual core processor, 8M high-capacity program storage. It can help you make a more powerful creation, such as Robots system, graphicinterface and so on.

5优秀的性能 (1)-8M.jpg

Support 24bit/192Khz high quality audio and DLNA wireless audio share function. It makes your hardware no longer be a dump, more like a artist who can speak and sing.


Integrated with 2.4GHz WIFI module and IOT development, you can easy to connect to the Internet, and begin your smart life.

The motivations of study are from the joys in life, DIY is making study serve to life. Firefly team hope the Fireduino can become the first tools of makers. Do you want to create a unique things? Let's make it! Fireduino is waiting for you on kickstarter in June 27, 2016.


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