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Posted at 6/14/2015 21:00:36     
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Actually this is a request for realizing a more possibilities of RK3288 adding HDMI-IN (no passthrough) interface.
The board have a lot of potential to be exposed.
I'll like to see it realized as Open Hardware / Open Software and with strong and growing comunnity.
Furthner partnership between Rockhip and Intel will release soon a better and with more potential platform SoFIA.
It's good to integrate an a capture via HDMI IN and NXP has their capture chips ready!
Future server relase with nginx and RTMP module will output and manage the stream via WebUI and PHP-FPM, so guys did you make our wishh to be true or not?!

It will be good idea on next board release to print on board the:
Open Source Software Logo - (as a principles of using OpenSource)
Open Hardware - (if you make it more customizabable/modular and open in the future)

Thank you in advance,
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